Wednesday, October 19, 2016


A unique museum recently opened in Tokyo.  It is called "Archi-Depot."

Here you can see a variety of architectural models designed by renowned architects including Kengo Kuma.

The place started as a storage space where architects kept their architectural models created for presentations and competitions.  Then Archi-Depot came up with an idea of archiving and displaying those models at the same time.  How brilliant!
The models are neatly displayed on storage shelves.

Some models have been realized and others ended as a plan, but all models represent the idea of the architects behind them.  

Each model is very well made, like a work of art.  It is just fascinating to look at.

Archi-Depot is in Tennozu, a little off the center of Tokyo (accessible by monorail or car,) but it is already popular with architecture fans and professionals who intently watch the models.

The model below must be one of the newest, "Koh-tei" by Kohei Nawa.  The real one is in the Shinsho-ji Temple in Hiroshima Prefecture.  It is also a must see.