Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A moment of serenity in Ginza

If you go shopping in Ginza, check out the exhibition in Maison Hermes "Le Forum" (on the 8th floor).  It is a solo exhibition by Morihiro Hosokawa entitled "Shisei-no-Sankyo"  (literally "a mountain house on the street".)  Ex-prime minister Hosokawa retired from politics when he was 60 and has been engaged in creative art activities such as ceramics and ink painting ever since.  His works on show include Japanese tea bowls and oil paintings, displayed in a simulated mountain tea house and garden, surrounded by the futuristic glass-cube walls of the building designed by Renzo Piano.

The Hosokawa family has a long distinguished history and their collection of art and historical materials is one of the biggest in Japan.  Art was familiar to Mr. Hosokawa since his childhood, thus his sense of art and beauty was naturally nurtured.

The exhibition is until July 19.  If you miss it, Le Forum does interesting exhibitions one after another, so come back and check.