Sunday, December 3, 2017

INTERMEDIATHEQUE: Archaeology in Design

There is a unique museum open for everyone.  Intermediatheque is in the KITTE building, which was a former post office in front of Tokyo Station's Marunouchi exit.  It is run by Tokyo University and exhibits the university's collection of specimens.  Yes, like bones and fossils, and items of academic interests. 

At this point, you may not feel inclined to visit if you are not a huge archaeology fan, but this museum is worth a visit, especially if you love good design.     

The archaeological specimens are showcased in such a fashionable way in the two-floor space that you may feel like you are in a design store.  (Photo is not allowed inside, thus it is a pity that I cannot share images here.) 

It also includes a small corner called Quai Branly Tokyo, a branch of Paris' Quai Branly Museum, which focuses on ethnic art and cultures.  It blends well with other archaeological exhibits.

Even if you are not interested in other academic museums, you will enjoy the display and space of Intermediatheque.  And you may find yourself enjoying seeing the exhibits.  Admission is free, so you can just drop by between shopping, sightseeing or dining.